About the Artist

I started drawing the figure around 10 years ago… I had attended some classes at junior college, but that was about the extent of it during that time…

Slowly, more and more I was drawn (no pun intended) to the figure, the realistic treatment of the lines as well as the fully realization of the form.   I started working more and more to find out what it was that made the difference between a drawing and a work of art.

I am still working to find that.

I was accepted to Nelson Shanks’ school “Studio Incamminati”  during the fall of 2006.  It was there that I found out what real work was and just how far of a path one has before his or herself to fill this hunger.  I attended the classes, helped with the workshops, and started up their Sunday figure drawing walk-in…

I really learned a lot there… having great teachers like Robin Frey, Darren Kingsley, and Steven Early helped me to start to work toward my calling.

During one semester I also traveled up to New York to attend the anatomy lectures by Frank Porcu… which was worth the trip just to walk around in the Art Students League…

I moved back to Eugene in the summer of 2009, and while I do other work to make ends meet… this is what I do…  I paint and sculpt and hope that I can find the thread that I have seen in a lot of old masters work.  Now I love a lot of the realists out there… but I don’t feel that I have to compete with the camera to voice my opinion.  Thanks for taking a look at my work, and I hope you enjoy them… please drop me a line if you have any questions… thanks again.

-Farley Craig